I am bleed!!!

So, this was sitting in my draft folder for a couple of days:

Another month, another miss

I’ve gone two months without a period now. I thought I was coming on the other night (due to cramps, boob pain, feeling teary over nout, libido x1000, and difficulty getting to sleep), but alas; no flow.

This is something I’ve been dealing with for a few years now, and have been diagnosed with PCOS as a result. I was even prescribed the pill to try and get a ‘normal’ rhythm, but the side effects were too much of a burden for me to bother refilling it the next month.


But today?! Today = many much flow!!!

Kind of a mixed blessing really, isn’t it? It sucks that I’m bleeding, but at the same time at least I’m bleeding now… ladies you know what I’m trying to say.

It’s not like I could be pregnant, so I’m never worried about that, but there’s just something fundamentally unsettling when you know your body is out of kilter. There’s also the fact that this problem could seriously hinder my chances of becoming pregnant in the future.

Ah well… periods just sap my motivation to do stuff so I think I’ll leave this here and go check out my fave blog for new posts/comments on old posts!

I’ll definitely revisit this topic again in the future though, because, as with every woman ever, reproductive health is a majorly important part of my life.


2015-08-09 23.28.49.jpg


One thought on “I am bleed!!!

  1. I hear you. I was diagnosed with PCOS too but don’t take BC. My cycles have been a lot more regular lately, which is great, but it also means that I get my period way more often than before, so mixed blessing I guess.

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