Lesbians: the ultimate validation

This is exactly why I fear for the safety of any young lesbian caught up in the LGBT ‘community’;  This is a Tumblr post from a gender critical blog.

If you’re having trouble reading the first screenshot it says:

“why would a lesbian ever want to date a pre-operative transgender woman? Um, because strap-ons are expensive but condoms are cheap?”

The blog I linked to isn’t mine, but I wanted to include that second screenshot in the link. The other comments are well worth a read too, here’s what I wrote;

Wtf are we to these people? Sex objects? Tools of validation?

Like all males who want sex with women they don’t seem to understand the dangerous risks they’re demanding we take in order for them to be ~*~validated~*~ as ‘lesbians’. Let’s just put aside, for a  second, the fact that no lesbian actually wants to see a real dick, let alone fuck it; what they’re asking us to do is to accept a risk of pregnancy that wouldn’t be there with a female partner. Do they know how harmful and dangerous pregnancy can be? How uncomfortable and inconvenient even healthy pregnancies are to go through? How difficult/expensive abortions are to get in some countries/states? How much emotional turmoil a woman goes through when debating whether to get one, or go ahead with the pregnancy and keep the baby/adopt it out? And a myriad of other horrid and unavoidable risk that are there when sleeping with someone who could get you pregnant.

In an ideal world lesbians would never have to deal with such risks, but there are now males in dresses running around trying to coerce young lesbians into submitting to their sexual advances, or else risk being ostracized from the only ‘community’ that is supposed to accepts their sexuality as natural and valid.

They’re no different than non trans males tbh; as long as there are no barriers to them getting their dicks wet they don’t care about the consequences we could be facing.

When will this bullshit be rejected? When will women’s sexual integrity and safety finally be seen as something worth protecting? When will lesbians find an island where we can get away from all this coercive shit??????


Screenshot originally posted on Tumblr by transgender-harms-women


9 thoughts on “Lesbians: the ultimate validation

    1. They have no idea how dangerous they are to us. And they don’t care to know either.

      They think that just because /some/ lesbians enjoy sex with strap-ons that therefore every lesbian should be down to riding their dick… um, I mean over sized clit *pukes*

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  1. Funny, innit. They tell the world they have dysphoria! and misgendering is violence! and reminding them of their male bodies is triggering! But do the majority of them want to get rid of, or even stop using, that solely male sex organ? Not in a million years.

    (Autocorrect wanted to write misgendering as midge filling. I’m starting to forgive it its weirness.)

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